How To: Request Stop Payment

Who does this?  Stanford Employees

When?  An employee paycheck has been lost.

How?  By submitting a request to Payroll



Request Stop Payment (4 steps)

step 1

Launch the HelpSU web site:

  1. Click
step 2

Enter information about yourself:

  1. Click auto-fill via Web-AUTH to auto-fill your personal information.
  2. Enter your SUNet ID and password as prompted.

  3. ~ OR ~
  4. Complete the required information fields.
step 3

Enter information about your request in the Request Description field:

  1. Type or copy and paste the following text:
  2. Request a stop payment order on my paycheck and issue a replacement check to me after the appropriate waiting period. If the original check arrives after I submit this request, I agree to return the original check to Stanford Payroll. I will repay Stanford University if the original check clears the bank as a result of action on my part.
  3. Include your name, your employee id number, and the approximate date the check was issued to you.
Note:  Replacement checks are held at the University Payments Office (formerly University Cashier's Office) for pickup. If you would like the check to be mailed to you, indicate so on the HelpSU ticket.
step 4

Click Submit Help Request.

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What Happens Next?

  • You will receive an automatic email confirmation of your request.
  • Payroll will request the stop payment and contact you when the replacement check is ready for pickup. This process generally takes 2 business days.
  • The University Payments Office (formerly University Cashier's Office) is located at 459 Lagunita Drive, Tresidder Memorial Union Suite 7, Stanford, CA 94305. Hours are 2:30 – 5 PM, Monday-Friday. Photo ID is required when picking up paychecks.


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