How To: Withdraw a Labor Distribution Adjustment

Who does this?  Originators of Labor Distribution Adjustments

When?  As long as the Status of the Labor Distribution Adjustment is still Pending in the Distribution Adjustments Dashboard the transaction may be withdrawn for Editing or to be Voided.

How?  Using the Labor Distribution module of the Oracle Financials application. Learn about getting access to the Labor Distribution module of Oracle Financials.


Withdraw a Labor Distribution Adjustment (5 steps)

step 1

Log in to Oracle Financials:

  1. Enter in the browser
  2. Log in using your SUNet ID, password and two-step authentication
  3. On the Oracle Financials landing page, you will find information about:
    • System Status
    • Planned Outages
    • Other messages of interest
  4. Click Login to continue to the Oracle Financials Home Page.
step 2

Launch the Labor Distribution module as a Labor Distribution Adjuster:

  1. Click the SU LD Distribution Adjuster link.
step 3

Find the distributions to withdraw:

  1. Click Distribution Adjustments Dashboard link in the center box.
    Note:  Do not close the middle window.
  2. Verify the Status of the transaction is still Pending.
step 4

Withdraw the transaction:

  1. Place cursor on the Batch Name of the transaction to be withdrawn.
  2. Click Withdraw LDA button.
  3. Click Yes to the prompt to continue, or click No to cancel action.
  4. Click Yes to begin editing the original transaction now, or click No to edit at a later time. Two new buttons appear in the Dashboard, Edit and Void.
    Note:  Once an LDA is withdrawn, it must be edited and resubmitted within 10 days. If no action is taken by the 7th day, the originator will receive an alert stating they have 3 days to act on the transaction. On the 10th day the transaction will be purged from the system.
  5. Click Edit to modify the transaction at this time, if desired.
  6. Click Void to purge the transaction from the system, if desired.
step 5

Verify the new status of the transaction:

  1. Go back to Distribution Adjustments Dashboard to confirm that the Status of the transaction appears as Withdrawn if you chose to Edit at a later time. If you chose Void, the transaction will not appear.
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What Happens Next?

  • You have 10 days to Edit and resubmit a Withdrawn transaction before it is purged from the system.


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