How To: Order Duplicate W-2 Form

Who does this?  Stanford Employees and Former Employees

When?  Employees need a duplicate copy of their W-2 Form

How?  Stanford offers duplicate W-2 Form through W-2Express (a product of Equifax, a third party service provider). The first reprint of the current year W-2 Form is available at no charge. Nominal administrative fees apply to subsequent reprints of the current year W-2 Form and reprints of prior year forms.

Current employees may login to Axess at any time to access W-2 Forms for the current, plus previous three, tax years.


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See additional How To: Elect / Cancel Online W-2 Form Delivery.


Order Duplicate W-2 Form in W-2Express (6 steps)

step 1

Launch the W-2Express web site:

step 2

Log into W-2Express:

  1. Enter Code 10526 in Employer Name or Code field.
  2. Click Go button.
  3. Enter your Social Security Number.
  4. Enter your PIN (personal identification number).

  5. Note:  Default PIN is your date of birth (format: YYYYMMDD).

  6. Click Continue.
  7. You will be prompted to set a series of security questions and a security image before proceeding to the main menu. On subsequent logins, you will be presented with your selected security image and required to respond to one or more of your security questions.
step 3

Change default password (For First Time Login Only):

  1. You will be prompted to change your default password:
    • Enter your Old PIN (i.e. default date of birth).
    • Enter a New PIN (format: four to eight digits [numeric] in length).
    • Re-enter your New PIN.
  2. You will receive confirmation that your PIN has been changed.
    • Click Continue button.
step 4

From Main Menu, W-2 Features list:

  1. Click W-2 Reprint link.
step 5

Order a copy of your W-2 Form:

  1. Choose a W-2 Form from the list of tax years.
  2. Select Delivery Option & Price.

  3. Click Continue.

  4. Note:  If you are ordering a duplicate copy with charge, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information.

  5. If you selected Download or Online delivery option:
    • Click Test Now to view sample W-2.
    • Close the PDF window to continue.
      • If you DID NOT see the Test document:
        • Click I did not see the test W-2, and I want to change the delivery method for this order.
        • Select fax or mail delivery option, or cancel and click Customer Service link or phone 1-800-367-2884 for assistance.
      • If you DID see the Test document and you want to continue with your election:
        • Click I saw the test W-2, read the important notice above, and want to confirm my order.
  6. If you selected fax or mail delivery option:
    • Enter your Fax Number or Shipping Address.
    • Click Continue.
step 6

Review and print receipt:

  1. If you selected Download or Online delivery option:
    • Click View & Print Your W-2 Now to view, print, or save a soft copy of your W-2.
    • Click Main Menu, or Logout.
  2. If you selected Fax delivery option:
    • Your fax will be delivered within four hours.
    • Click Main Menu, or Logout.
  3. If you selected Mail delivery option:
    • Your duplicate W-2 Form will be sent within two days.
    • Click Main Menu, or Logout.
Note:  You can cancel online W-2 form delivery at any time in the future.
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Download Online W-2 Form in Axess (Current Employees Only) (2 steps)

step 1

Launch the Axess portal:


    Note:  As an additional level of security for your personal information, two-step authentication is required to access your online W-2. Visit Accounts to learn more or to set your two-step preferences.
step 2

Log into Axess:

  1. Enter your SUNet ID.
  2. Enter your SUNet ID password.
  3. Click Employee tab.
  4. Click View W-2/W-2c Forms.
  5. Enter your two-step authentication code or visit Accounts to set your two-step preferences.
  6. Click Year End Form to view your W-2 Form for the current tax year or Click View a Different Tax Year to select a W-2 Form for an earlier tax year.
  7. Click Employee to return to the portal.
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W-2 Delivery Schedule

  • By January 15:  W-2 Forms available online for employees who have opted for online delivery
  • By January 31:  Paper W-2 Forms mailed to employees who have not opted for online delivery
  • February 15:  Paper W-2 Forms reprints available
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W-2Express Delivery Options and Pricing

Delivery Options and Timing

  • Online: Instant
  • Download: Instant
  • Fax: 4 hours
  • Mail: Postmarked within 2 days


  • The first reprint of the current year W-2 Form is available at no charge. Subsequent copies are available at a nominal fee of $10 per copy.
  • Prior year W-2 Forms are available at a nominal fee of $10 per copy.

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Additional Notes

  • Information Privacy and Security: All W-2Express online account transactions are protected by Equifax using 128-bit SSL encryption. Equifax uses very stringent data security standards and physical building security to protect the computer equipment and data center facility that operates the W-2Express service.
    • You can personally safeguard your information by keeping your Social Security Number and PIN confidential. You can change your PIN at any time from the W-2Express web site, My Account option


  • W-2Express Help Options:
    • Try W-2Express online Help at
    • Submit a question online at to have a customer representative contact you. Customer service agents are available Monday - Friday from 7 AM until 8 PM Central Time.
    • Call The Work Number automated Customer Service line, W-2Express Client Service Center at 1-877-325-9239. Automated help is available 24 hours per day.
  • If you still have questions or need assistance with a PIN reset, please contact:
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