How To: Order Duplicate W-2 Form

Who does this?  Stanford Employees and Former Employees

When?  Employees need a duplicate copy of their W-2 Form

How?  Current employees may login to Axess at any time to access W-2 Forms for the current, plus previous six, tax years.

Former employees contact the Financial Support Center for assistance.


On this page:

See additional How To: Elect / Cancel Online W-2 Form Delivery.

Download Online W-2 Form in Axess (Current Employees Only) (2 steps)

step 1

Launch the Axess portal:

    Note:  As an additional level of security for your personal information, two-step authentication is required to access your online W-2. Visit Accounts to learn more or to set your two-step preferences.
step 2

Log into Axess:

  1. Enter your SUNet ID.
  2. Enter your SUNet ID password.
  3. Click Employee tab.
  4. Click View W-2/W-2c Forms.
  5. Enter your two-step authentication code or visit Accounts to set your two-step preferences.
  6. Click Year End Form to view your W-2 Form for the current tax year or Click View a Different Tax Year to select a W-2 Form for an earlier tax year.
  7. Click Employee to return to the portal.
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W-2 Delivery Schedule

  • By January 15:  W-2 Forms available online for employees who have opted for online delivery
  • By January 31:  Paper W-2 Forms mailed to employees who have not opted for online delivery
  • February 15:  Paper W-2 Forms reprints available
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