Resources: Pay Groups and Descriptions

Pay groups are codes used to classify workers for payroll purposes. Pay groups and descriptions are referenced on Stanford Pay Statements. The table below lists pay groups, descriptions, and pay types used at Stanford.

Pay Group Titles / Description Pay Type
BU1 Bargaining Unit (hourly employees subject to overtime premiums) Hourly
CSL Casual Hourly-Occasional Employees (hourly employees working less than 50%) Hourly
CTS Contingent Salaried-Appointed Quarterly (quarterly-appointed instructor or lecturers) Salaried
EX1 Exempt Salaried (salaried staff exempt from overtime) Salaried
F09 Faculty Paid Over 9 Months (faculty electing to have salary paid over a 9 month period) Salaried
F10 Faculty Paid Over 10 Months  (faculty electing to have salary paid over a 10 month period) Salaried
F12 Faculty Paid Over 12 Months  (faculty electing to have salary paid over a 12 month period) Salaried
NX1 Non-Exempt Salaried (Salaried staff subject to overtime premiums) Salaried
NXH Non-Exempt Hourly Staff (Staff paid hourly) Hourly
TMP Temporary Hourly (Hourly employees working in short term positions) Hourly
STU Student Employee (Salaried postdocs, student research and teaching assistants, and hourly-paid student temporary employees) Salaried
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