Overview: Administering a Petty Cash Fund

Petty cash funds enable departments to reimburse employees for minor business expenditures up to $100.00. The department head identifies an individual to act as petty cash custodian. The petty cash custodian is responsible for administering the petty cash fund.

Learn how to:  get started as a new custodian, and perform custodial duties

For:  Department heads and petty cash custodians

Getting Started

Designated Custodian

Get Certified as a Petty Cash Custodian

Receive Initial Petty Cash Fund / Set Up New Petty Cash Fund

Administering Funds

Certified Petty Cash Custodian

In the course of administering the petty cash fund, the custodian is responsible for the following tasks:

Reimburse an Employee with Petty Cash

Reconcile Petty Cash Fund

Replenish Petty Cash

Assign a Temporary Custodian During Planned Absence

Certified Petty Cash Custodian or Department Head

Increase Petty Cash Fund

Decrease Petty Cash Fund

Change Petty Cash Custodian

Report a Petty Cash Theft

Close a Petty Cash Fund

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