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How To: Change Petty Cash Custodian

Who does this?  Department Heads

When?  When a new Petty Cash Custodian needs to be assigned

How?  By contacting Financial Support Center


Change Petty Cash Custodian (3 steps)

step 1

The Department Head contacts Financial Support Center to request new Petty Cash Custodian:

  1. Reference the petty cash fund identification number (82XXX).
  2. Indicate name of new custodian and any phone number or address changes for the petty cash fund.
step 2

The new custodian becomes certified as a petty cash custodian.

  1. See How To: Get Certified as a Petty Cash Custodian.
    Note:  To ensure that custodians are up to date with their petty cash requirements; and that Office of the Treasurer is current with its fiduciary oversight, a short annual recertification administered on STARS is required by each petty cash custodian.
step 3

The outgoing custodian reconciles the petty cash fund prior to transferring to the new custodian.

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What Happens Next?

  • The new custodian resumes petty cash responsibilities.



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