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How To: Reconcile a Petty Cash Fund

Who does this?  Petty Cash Custodians

When?  Prior to submitting replenishment requests (accounts must be reconciled at least once per month)

How?  By Completing the Petty Cash Reconciliation Form to ensure that the amount of cash on hand, plus amount of reimbursements made (receipts), plus replenishment requests in process, equals the original amount of petty cash fund

See How To: Reconcile a Petty Cash Fund Without Replenishment.


Reconcile a Petty Cash Fund (7 steps)

step 1

Print the Petty Cash Reconciliation Form and count cash in petty cash lock box.

step 2

Total receipts (amounts on Received of Petty Cash Forms, representing cash reimbursement paid out of petty cash fund).

step 3

Total any un-cashed petty cash reimbursement checks.

step 4

Total any replenishment requests submitted in the Expense Requests Petty Cash module for which a check has not yet been received.

step 5

Add the totals from steps 1-4. Amount totaled should equal the original amount of the petty cash fund.

step 6

If the reconciliation process ends with an overage or shortfall in the petty cash fund, the Custodian should submit a Support Request to Financial Support Center for assistance.

step 7

Once all fields are completed on the Petty Cash Reconciliation Form, the form must be signed by the department manager or the department manager's written designee.

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