How To: Reimburse an Employee with Petty Cash

Who does this?  Certified petty cash custodians

When?  Employees present the custodian with expense receipts authorized up to $100

How?  Reimbursement of petty cash requires authorized, validated receipts



Reimburse an Employee with Petty Cash (3 steps)

step 1

Employee presents original expense receipts attached to a completed Received of Petty Cash Form:

Note:  If the original receipts are lost, they must be indicated when requesting replenishment in the Expense Requests system.
This picture is a scanned copy of the Received of Petty Cash Form.
  1. Form Number: This will be filled in by the custodian.
  2. Date Completed: The date the form is completed, not the date of original expense receipts.
  3. Business Purpose: Describe how the activity causing the expenses benefits the University.
  4. Persons in attendance:If the reimbursement is for a meal, list all relevant persons who were present and their department(s) or organization(s) if applicable.
  5. PTA and Expenditure type to be charged
  6. Signature of Authority: This is the signature of a person who has authority on the account being charged, NOT the person who is receiving the reimbursement or a direct or indirect report of the person receiving reimbursement.
  7. Signed Upon Cash Receipt:This is the signature of the person who is receiving the reimbursement.
step 2

Petty cash custodian reviews request, and:

  1. Ensures all required information is included
  2. Evaluates compliance to reimbursement policy, and
  3. Verifies proper authorization.
step 3

Petty cash custodian uses the cash in the petty cash fund to reimburse employee for exact amount of expenses shown on receipts:

  1. Enter the amount of the reimbursement on the Received of Petty Cash Form.
    1. Reimbursement for petty cash must be the exact amount of the expense. Splitting one transaction valued over $100.00 into lesser parts is not permitted.
    2. Custodian numbers the Received of Petty Cash receipt, per department numbering system (each department must create its own system for numbering receipts AND recording the numbers and receipts).
  2. Disburse cash to employee.
  3. Direct employee to sign Received of Petty Cash form, indicating monies were received.
  4. Retain Received of Petty Cash form and original receipts.
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