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How To: Set Up New Petty Cash Fund

Who does this?  Certified Petty Cash Custodians

When?  Once a designated custodian has been certified and Cash Management has approved a request from a department head for a new petty cash fund (See Requesting a Department Petty Cash, Petty Cash Checking or Change Fund)

How?  By procuring needed supplies and securing funds


Set Up New Petty Cash Fund (4 steps)

step 1

Receive a check for the petty cash fund amount from the Procurement / Payment Services department

Note:  The check will be delivered to the petty cash custodian's ID Mail address.
step 2

Purchase these needed supplies:

  1. Received of Petty Cash Forms

  2. Note:  Received of Petty Cash Forms can be ordered via SmartMart in iProcurement

  3. Lock box
    Note:  Lock boxes can be purchased at the Stanford Bookstore, or through SmartMart via the online catalog
step 3

Secure petty cash funds:

  1. Cash check from Payment Services at a bank.
    Note: You may use the Petty Cash Bank Replenishment Form to instruct the bank on how you would like the cash (amount of specific currency and coins).
  2. Place petty cash funds in lock box.
  3. Store lock box in locked desk or cabinet.
step 4

Create filing and recording system for petty cash transactions:

  1. Each department creates its own system for logging reimbursements made to employees and retaining all documentation
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