Resources: Getting Access to iOU Petty Cash Module of Oracle Financials System

iOU Petty Cash is a custom software application designed specifically to allow users to enter, review, and edit petty cash transactions, including replenishing petty cash funds.

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Gain Access to iOU Petty Cash Module

You must satisfy three requirements prior to getting access to iOU Petty Cash:

  1. Be certified as a Petty Cash Custodian

    After becoming certified, your name will be entered in the Oracle database as a Petty Cash Custodian.

  2. Take and pass the iOU System online training

    The FIN-0455: iOU Reimbursements / Expense Reports training course is required to get access to the iOU System. When you complete the online course, results will be posted to the Authority Manager application. We also recommend that you take the online course FIN-0464: iOU Petty Cash.

  3. Receive Self-Service privilege "iOU Public" in Authority Manager

    Check with your manager to find out who in your work area can grant you the "SU iOU Public" self-service privilege using the Authority Manager application.

After satisfying all three of these requirements, you will be able to access and use the iOU Petty Cash module of the iOU System.

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Browser Requirements

For the iOU Petty Cash features and functions to work properly on PC and Mac computers, you must use recommended browsers. To verify which browsers are authorized for the iOU Petty Cash applications, review the Administrative System Browser Requirements web page.

For questions or help, please submit a HelpSU request. Select Request Category Administrative Applications and Request Type Oracle Financials.

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