Overview: Getting Reimbursed

Learn how:  Requests for reimbursement of expenses are processed via Stanford's iOU Reimbursement System (See Petty Cash for information on requesting reimbursements of less than $100).

For:  Requestors, Approvers, and Payees

Initiate Reimbursement Request


Within 10 days of incurring expense or completing travel:

Gather backup proof-of-payment documentation and receipts, and information required for entering the reimbursement request in iOU. See Resources: iOU Reimbursement Request Checklist.

Understand Guidelines for Writing a Clear Business Purpose

Enter Expense Report / Reimbursement Request in iOU (including clearing outstanding advances, if applicable)

Approve Reimbursement Request


Review, approve or return reimbursement request

Follow-up with originators regarding requests placed on hold (Reference Resources: iOU Reimbursement Request Checklist)

Travel & Reimbursement Processor

Review transaction for proper documentation and compliance with policy

Process approved transactions for payment or place on hold (Reference Resources: iOU Reimbursement Request Checklist)

Track / Receive Payment


Review Transaction Status in iOU (respond to hold status if applicable)

Travel & Reimbursement Processor

Process payment


Receive payment

Note:  For information on when to expect your check, see Payment Handling Methods and Processing Times.

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