Emergency Forms

Use of the forms and documents on this page should be coordinated through Satellite Operations Centers (SOC) and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). They are intended to be used during emergency situations only (e.g. business unit or university-wide disaster, pandemic event).

Form Name Purpose Instructions
Emergency Payroll Check Request Request an emergency payroll payment for an employee Approved emergency forms should be delivered to the University Cashier's Office at 459 Lagunita Drive, Tresidder Memorial Union Suite 7, Stanford, CA 94305 unless instructed otherwise on the University Home page – Emergency News
Emergency Timesheet Record hours during an emergency response when electronic time record systems are not available
Emergency Cash Form Request emergency cash during an emergency
Emergency Check Request Request an emergency check during an emergency


Other Emergency Documentation for Satellite and Emergency Operations Centers
Document Name Purpose
EOC PCard Instructions Instructions, roles and responsibilities for requesting and using a PCard during an emergency situation
DOC PCard Instructions
Emergency PCard Use Spreadsheet for signing out and recording emergency PCard transaction usage
DOC Emergency PTA A table listing emergency PTAs for charging incremental costs during an emergency
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