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Account Structure: Stanford's Chart of Accounts

Step-by-step instructions for chart of account-related tasks:

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Banking & Commerce

Step-by-step instructions for cash handling and depositing-related tasks:

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Buying & Paying

Instructions for:

bullet iconSmartMart
Online Catalog Orders

bullet iconPCard Module
Purchasing Card transaction verification

bullet icon Internet Procurement (iProcurement)
Standard Purchase Orders and SmartMart

bullet iconiOU
Reimbursements, Travel Card, Advances, Other Checks, Petty Cash

bullet iconPaying Honoraria
Honoraria to Stanford employees and Honoraria to non-Stanford employees

bullet iconPaying Human Subjects

bullet iconACH Payments & Wire Transfers

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Capital Equipment & Capital Projects

Step-by-step instructions for capital equipment- and capital project-related tasks:

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Funds Management

Step-by-step instructions for funds management-related tasks:

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Tax Compliance

Step-by-step instructions for tax compliance-related tasks:

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