Overview: Annual Mailing of Tax Forms

The University mails tax forms to recipients annually. Please refer to the table below for specific mailing dates. If you do not receive your form as expected following the mailing date or if you have questions regarding your form, please click the links under "Help Resources."

Tax Form Mailing Schedule
Tax Form Description Mailing Date Help Resources
592-B California Non-Resident Withholding Statement By January 31 Submit HelpSU to Financial Support Center
1042-S Foreign Person's U.S. Source Income By March 15 Submit HelpSU to Payroll
1098-T Tuition Statement By January 31 See How to Read Your 1098-T Video
1098 Mortgage Interest Statement By January 31 Call Mortgage Receivables at 650-724-6553
1099-MISC Miscellaneous Income By January 31 Submit HelpSU to Financial Support Center (formerly the Buying and Paying Support Center)
W-2 Employee Wage and Tax Statement By January 31 See Order Duplicate W2
Fellowship Letter Courtesy Letter – Fellowship Paid to University Scholars By January 31 Submit HelpSU to Payroll

Please note:  The table above includes tax documents issued to individuals by Stanford University. Student Loan Interest Statements (Form 1098-E) are issued directly to the borrower by the lending agency or servicing organization. Employees of affiliated entities (Stanford Hospital & Clinics, Stanford Sierra Camp, SLAC, etc.) should contact the entity directly for Form W-2.


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