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Travelers may use one or any combination of the following payment methods when incurring travel expenses:

Regardless of how traveler pays for his/her travel expenses, an expense report must be initiated in order to properly account for travel expenses, be reimbursed for any out-of-pocket expenditures, and/or to clear an advance. The expense report is initiated in the iOU Reimbursement Module once travel is complete. See How To: Enter Expense Report / Reimbursement Request in iOU for instructions.

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About Stanford Travel Cards

Stanford Travel Cards are issued to individuals or to departments as a means for paying for travel.

  • Department Travel Cards are issued to department administrators as a means to pay for travel-related purchases for occasional travelers, students, or non-employees, and
  • Individual Travel Cards are issued to individuals (faculty, staff, and post-doctoral fellows) who travel frequently on Stanford business.

For eligibility requirements, see Overview: Stanford's Travel Card Program.

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About Travel Expense Advances

  • Expense advances may be requested for out-of-pocket business expenses associated with travel such as airfare or, in some cases, anticipated cash expenditures to be incurred during business travel.
  • The department initiates a request for an advance online using the iOU application, at least 10 working days before funds are needed. If a Rush advance is needed, or if pickup at the "Will Call" window is requested, a fee will be charged to cover processing costs.
  • Expense advances are authorized by the department manager, and are issued to the individual who will be incurring expenses. Once issued, responsibility for the advanced funds remains with the individual until a reimbursement request is made through the iOU application in Oracle, noting all expenditures and clearing the advance against those expenditures.
  • The amount advanced may not exceed the estimated cash required for the activity.
  • Any portion of advanced funds not used for expenses must be returned to Travel & Reimbursement and a completed iOU reimbursement request submitted within 10 working days after completion of the activity. If the business need for an outstanding advance ceases to exist, the funds advanced must be returned immediately.
  • Travel advance check may be delivered by interdepartmental mail, direct deposit to payee's bank account, or via Will Call at the Payroll & Payments Services Will Call located at University Cashier's Office, 459 Lagunita Drive, Tresidder Memorial Union Suite 7, Stanford, CA 94305.

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