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Orbitz for Business is the preferred travel agency partner for the Stanford Travel Program, offering full service online travel assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fees for services are fully reimbursable and allowable when travel is for university business.

Orbitz for Business Service Fee Schedule
Online Service Fee (invoiced to Stanford Travel Program)
Standard Air $7.00
Non-Standard Air (e.g. Southwest) $10.00
Hotel $0
Car $0
Car Service $7.00
Rail $10.00
Cancel/Void $0
Exchange $0
Agent Bookings Fee (will be added to ticket price)
Standard Air – Domestic $25.00
Standard Air – International $25.00
Non-Standard Air – Domestic $28.00
Non-Standard Air – International $28.00
Agent Assistance Fee $15.00
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