Providing Services "On-Site"

Accessing Computing Resources

Some consultants, contractors and temporary employees will need access to the Stanford University Network of computing resources in support of legitimate University work. In this case, the sponsoring department will provide a sponsored SUNet ID. A SUNet ID is a unique 3-8 character account name that identifies members of the Stanford community. It appears in all Stanford email addresses, and is used as a login ID to Stanford online systems. The sponsor is responsible for ensuring that the sponsored SUNet ID is used in support of the University's mission, and in accordance with the University's policies.


Temporary Guest Accounts for Local Network Access

For Stanford guests who just need wireless access to Stanford's local network in order to use the Internet (for instance, to get to their mailbox on another campus), ITSS provides free, temporary guest accounts. These guest accounts are not the same as SUNet IDs.

A guest account allows the guest only to connect a wireless computer to the wireless network and provides no other network rights or services. Guests requiring other SUNet services, such as local Stanford email or access to Stanford-only web sites will need to be sponsored for a SUNet ID.

Suppliers needing a guest account should make arrangements through their sponsoring school or department staff.


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