How To: Complete a Supplier / Payee Request for Confidential Information

Before You Start

Learn about Supplier / Payee Record Requests and the Supplier / Payee Portal.

An active supplier / payee record must exist within Stanford's Supplier / Payee database in order for a Stanford department to place a purchase order or make a payment to a payee (without a PO).

Bank account, tax, and contact information must be submitted by the supplier / payee in order to activate the supplier / payee record for use by the Stanford community.

Stanford departments determine whom to buy from or whom to pay for services. Departments also initiate new supplier / payee requests to Stanford University Procurement.

Department requests for a new supplier / payee result in an email to the supplier / payee (with link) to access Stanford's Supplier and Payee Request Portal. The supplier / payee uses the portal to enter contact information, a bank account number to receive payment, and other necessary tax information.

The steps below document how the supplier / payee or authorized agent should fill out the forms in the Supplier and Payee Request Portal. The directions are written from the payee's point of view.

Note:  If the payee is a foreign visitor, the Stanford preparer will receive the email invitation to the Supplier and Payee Request Portal. The foreign visitor payee will not automatically receive the email invitation. The preparer is responsible for working directly with the foreign visitor to collect required confidential information and documents, and completing the Supplier and Payee Request Portal. The preparer may complete the portal for the payee, or forward the email invitation to the payee for completion.

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What's Next?

  • The information is delivered to the Supplier Enablement team at Stanford University. Upon verification of complete information, the supplier / payee record will become available.
  • Note: Secure Portal invitations are inactivated if not returned within 30 days. To reactivate a request after 30 days, contact the Financial Support Center.
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