Purchasing Methods Used at Stanford

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SmartMart in iProcurement

SmartMart refers to Stanford's online ordering system in Oracle iProcurement, which includes products offered from suppliers specifically contracted by the University. This system currently includes over forty suppliers, selling office supplies, lab supplies, chemicals, radioactives, computer software and hardware, compressed gases, capital equipment, tax-free alcohol, industrial supplies, electrical components, and more.

SmartMart orders are initiated by department staff and, after departmental approval, are placed via SciQuest with the supplier. Suppliers then deliver against the order and transmit invoices to SciQuest, who transmits them to Stanford University Accounts Payable.

For more information on SmartMart ordering and invoicing, please refer to the eBusiness Capability (Electronic Ordering) section.

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Standard Purchase Order

Approved Stanford Purchase Orders are automatically transmitted to suppliers via email. Suppliers acknowledge receipt of purchase orders by clicking on the link in the system generated email.

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Purchasing Cards

Some Stanford schools and departments make purchases with a Stanford Purchasing Card. A Stanford Purchasing Card is a University-liability MasterCard issued to individual Stanford staff or department custodians, that allows schools and departments to charge Stanford related expenses up to a maximum of $4,999 per purchase.

Stanford University staff is prohibited from "splitting" purchases that exceed $4,999 into multiple Purchasing Card charges. Suppliers should request an approved Standard Purchase Order number for purchases exceeding $4,999.

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Non-PO Payments

For purchases or payments that do not require a purchase order, Stanford employees may request a payment to a supplier or payee using a "Non-PO Payment." These payments may be direct deposit (ACH electronic) to a U.S. bank account or by check.

It is important new suppliers or payees provide confidential data (social security number, bank account number, other government forms, etc) as soon as possible via an email link you will receive to access the Stanford's Supplier and Payee Request Portal.

Note:  Access to the portal is by email invitation only. Your department contact will request that information be gathered to complete your supplier record. Please provide an email address to your department contact to ensure timely information gathering can occur and in turn, a payment issued.

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