Restrictions Based on Type of Product

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Radioactive Products

Radioactive products must be purchased with a Standard Purchase Order through the Purchasing and Contracts Department, or through SmartMart in iProcurement. Radioactive products cannot be purchased with a Purchasing Card. All radioactive products must be delivered to the Health Physics Inspection Station at 820 Quarry Road. Please see Environmental Health & Safety Issues, Delivering Goods To Stanford for more information.


Chemicals must be purchased through SmartMart in iProcurement or a Standard Purchase Order. Chemicals cannot be purchased with a Purchasing Card.

Volume-Licensing Academic Software

Volume-licensing academic software must be purchased using a Stanford Purchase Order (SmartMart or Standard Purchase Order). Volume-licensing academic software cannot be purchased with a Purchasing Card.

For an explanation of Stanford Purchase Orders and Purchasing Cards, see Purchasing Methods Used at Stanford.

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