Global Projects Dashboard

Global project dashboard

What is the Global Projects Dashboard?

The Global Projects Dashboard is a tool which facilitates collaboration within the Stanford community by providing high-level details of global projects and activities that have been registered by the community.

Why use the Global Projects Dashboard?

The Dashboard was designed to describe the "what" and "where" of foreign projects and activities in which the Stanford community is engaged. The availability of this information helps bring groups together – opportunities that might otherwise be missed.

What if a Project / Activity is not listed?

If you know of a project or activity that is not listed in the Dashboard, it may have been listed as private and therefore not reflected in the information. However, we highly encourage your to contribute your project information in our Activity Registration.

Please note that the information provided in the Dashboard is Stanford Confidential.

Launch Global Projects Dashboard

The Dashboard is powered by Oracle which uses Java applets. The applets have to be downloaded and initialized by your computer. This could cause a delay of upwards of 30 seconds for the Dashboard page to fully launch depending on your location and browser. It is recommended that you have your browser up-to-date to fully leverage the site. If you have any issues, please contact us.