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Hiring Local Employees

In many countries, it is often difficult to hire local employees because there is no local entity to register the employment and to ensure compliance with local employment and tax laws. Significant in-country infrastructure is generally required to appropriately support payroll servicing. In addition, foreign jurisdictions may apply their own laws with respect to the employment relationship, as well as additional taxation and reporting requirements. In many cases, it may be preferable to work though a local institution, or with an entity authorized to hire employees and fulfill required local employment regulations. To facilitate this process for faculty/investigators, the University has established a relationship with SafeGuardWorld International to arrange for local hires in many foreign countries. Such resources would be SafeGuard World International employees, but can be hired to Stanford's specifications. Additional information is available on the SafeGuard World International web site. Plans to hire a new employee overseas should be submitted to Global HR.

For assistance in developing financial procedures abroad or hiring local employees, faculty/investigators should submit a help request to Global Business Services and also email Global HR.