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Stanford Property / Equipment

Stanford Property/Equipment policies and procedures for movement of Stanford and sponsor-owned equipment and other property are described in the University Property Manual. Administration of this function is provided by the Property Management Office (PMO) in the Office of Research Administration.

Off-campus use of property must be appropriately tracked. There are different requirements for use that is considered "temporary" (<30 days) versus long-term (>30 days), and additional requirements if the property being moved is government or other sponsor-owned. There may also be a need to dispose of equipment at the foreign site. The Property Service Representative can offer guidance in this process. Foreign countries additionally have their own specific requirements for importing and exporting items into and from their jurisdictions. It is the faculty/investigator's responsibility to ascertain whether there are any such restrictions, prior to either shipping or hand-carrying items to those countries.

Further information, including country-specific profiles, is available at FedEx International Resource Center. Questions concerning foreign export control regulations should be directed to the University Export Control Officer, Office of the Vice Provost and Dean of Research (DoR).

For further assistance regarding property and equipment, including contact information, please visit the Property Management Office web site.