Veracruz - Ballet Folklorico de Stanford
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Since 1972, BFdeS has performed traditional Mexican folk dance throughout Stanford and the Bay Area.


The region of Veracruz, historically the site of the oldest and most important port in Mexico, is characterized by Spanish music with African and Caribbean rhythms. The sound of the harp, the jarana (a small guitar), and the violin accompanies the snowy white, frilly skirt-work of the jarochas and the intense, flamenco-like zapateado of its men. Veracruz's traditional dance is the fandango, which includes the huapango (which is meant to be danced on wooden planks) and the jarocho. "La Bamba" is one of the earliest sones jarochos, which is performed with dancers tying a red bow with their feet to symbolize everlasting love.


El Ballet Folklórico de Stanford performs a variety of songs from this region including:

  • La Bruja

  • El Coco

  • La Carretilla

  • La Bamba

  • Maria Chuchena

  • Fandanguito

  • Zapateado Veracruzano