FPCE Faculty

Research Fellows

Postdoctoral Fellows

Name Research Areas Email Phone (650)
Frank Ham frank.e.ham@gmail.com
Thierry Poinsot poinsot@imft.fr
Javier Jimenez Sendin jimenez@torroja.dmt.upm.es

Adminstrative and Technical Staff

Corinne Beck

FPCE and Center for Turbulence Research Group Manager, Asst. to Prof. Parviz Moin
Building 500, Room 500B

Phone: 650-736-0766
Email: cbarkow@stanford.edu

Marlene Lomuljo-Bautista

Assistant to Prof. Gianluca Iaccarino.
TFSA Program and PostDoctoral Fellows Administrator
Building 500, Room 500X1

Phone: 650-723-5616
Email: marlenel@stanford.edu

Rosa Fernandez

FPCE Administrator to Profs. Andreas Acrivos, Peter Bradshaw, Matthias Ihme,
and Ali Mani
Building 500, Room 500A

Phone: 650-723-2177
Email: rosa.fernandez@stanford.edu

Steve Jones

Technology Operations Manager and HPCC Systems Adminstrator
CTR Building, Room 101

Phone: 650-723-9602
Email: stevejones@stanford.edu

Vi Nguyen

Web Design and Desktop Support
CTR Building, Room 102

Phone: 650-723-9603
Email: vi111@stanford.edu