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Debraj Ghosh
Former Post-Doctoral Student
Mechanical Engineering
Building 500, Room 501L
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(650) 723-2330

Research Statement:


My work focused on uncertainty quantification in large-scale systems. More specifically, I developed domain decomposition techniques in a stochastic finite element framework to speedup the quantification of uncertainty in large mechanical systems using parallel computing.




Additional Information


Ph.D. Civil Engineering 2005, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore

Thesis Title: On the Characterization and Analysis of the Random Eigenvalue Problem

Studied the eigenvalue problem arising in the context of analyzing models of physical systems considering uncertainty into account. Developed an efficient algorithm to estimate the behavior of the random eigenvalues and eigenvectors in a stochastic finite element framework. Proposed new representation of the random eigenvectors to capture modal interaction. Developed an enrichment scheme for random polynomial approximations to analyze systems with repeated or closely-spaced eigenvalues.

M.E. Civil Engineering (Structures) 2001, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.

Project Title: Structural Damage Detection Using Dynamic Model Updating

Worked on damage detection of prestressed concrete structures from dynamic test data using finite element model updating. Exploited sensitivities of modal parameters and frequency response functions as the bases for such updating.

B.E. Civil Engineering 1997, Bengal Engineering College, Howrah, India


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