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Jón Tómas Grétarsson
Former Graduate Student
Institute of Computational and Mathematical Engineering
Gates 204, Durand 028H
Mail Code:
(774) 262-4752

Research Statement:


I was interested in examining the many varied aspects of computational simulation, from video games and movie special effects to the design of mechanical systems and study of fluid flow phenomena. I have worked on developing a two-way coupled framework that permits the simulation of fluid-structure interactions between incompressible flows and arbitrary constituitively modeled volumetric and thin-shell solid models. I have also been involved in reformulating the Euler equations into a semi-implicit integration scheme, permitting the fast simulation of low Mach number flows -- in the zero Mach limit, our scheme can robustly take time steps at a CFL number over 300, far outstriping previous work. I also extended this semi-implicit reformulation to conservatively capture Fluid-Structure interactions in a stable, accurate manner (for high mass ratios). Additionally, I contributed to a research project sponsored by the Office of Naval Research focused on the design and implementation of a computational technology for the simulation of underwater implosion problems.




Additional Information


Ph.D. Computational and Mathematical Engineering, 2012, Stanford University, CA
B.S. Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics, 2006, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA

Publications (Selected):

N. Kwatra, J. Su, J. Grétarsson, R. Fedkiw. A Method for Avoiding the Acoustic Time-Step Restriction in Compressible Flow, Journal of Computational Physics 228, 4146-4161, 2009.

A. Robinson-Mosher, T. Shinar, J. Grétarsson, J. Su, R. Fedkiw. Two-way Coupling of Fluids to Rigid and Deformable Solids and Shells. SIGGRAPH 2008, ACM TOG 27, 46.1-46.9, 2008.

J. Grétarsson, F. Li, M. Li, A. Samant, H. Wu, M. Claypool and R. Kinicki. Performance Analysis of the Intertwined Effects Between Network Layers for 802.11g Transmissions. WMuNeP: Proceedings of the 1st ACM Workshop on Wireless Multimedia Networking and Performance Modelling, pg. 123-130; October 2005.


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