Saad Bhamla

saad bhamla stanford university

Doctoral Candidate

Mumbai, India


B.Tech Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IITM), India (2010).

Lab Duties

Group representative for Chemical Engineering Graduate Students’ Action Committee

Research Focus

Currently, I work on understanding the dynamics of tear films. Three key areas of my current focus are:

  1. Interaction of Contact Lens with Epithelial cells – The human cornea has a tendency to become irritated after periods of extended contact lens wear, resulting in discomfort and the need to frequently replace the contact lens.  It is thought that this may be caused in part by corneal cell adhesion to the contact lens. Using a custom in-house cell rheometer, we are probing the effects of soft hydrogel contact lens on live epithelial cells.
  2. Dewetting dynamics of contact lens – Wearing contact lenses on the eye affects the stability of the tear film, leading to issues such as dry eyes. We are investigating the dewetting dynamics of fluid layers on hydrogel surfaces to better understand this problem.
  3. Influence of lipid layers on droplets – The effect of lipid layers on interfaces is a problem involving various complex phenomenon. In this project, we study the effect of different lipid monolayers on sessile droplets.

Other Stanford Activities

Elected member of the Graduate Student Council

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