Following the success of the inaugural program in Summer 2012, SGFG Program is expanded to Spring Quarter and Summer of 2013. Stanford Gap for Good (SGFG) is a 2-quarter intensive service learning program for students interested in design, sustainable development and working on a hands-on project in partnership with an NGO or Not-for-Profit Company.

16 students are selected to participate in the program, and in enroll in EE46 (Engineering for Good) for 3 units in the Spring Quarter. Over the summer, these students will travel to the work sites to continue their projects. In addition, 11 students enroll in EE46 to work on projects for the duration of Spring Quarter.

Students participate in SGFG Program and EE46 Class come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. There are freshmen and seniors, with the majority in their second or third year of their undergraduate education. Although students in engineering disciplines are well-represented – e.g. Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Science – half the class comes from the Humanities and Social Sciences such as Economics, Human Biology, Symbolics Systems and STS (Science, Technology and Society).