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Directed Evolution of Novel Yeast Species

Start Date: January 2005
Status: Completed


Gavin Sherlock, Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics,
Stanford University; Frank Rosenzweig, Associate Professor, Division of
Biological Sciences, University of Montana

Annual Progress Reports


  • Wenger, J., Schwartz, K, and Sherlock, G. Characterization on the innate xylose metabolic pathway in naturally occurring yeast strains capable of utilizing xylose, in preparation 2009.
  • Kroll, J., Piotrowski, J., Chiotti, K., Dunn, B., Sherlock, G. and Rosenzweig, F. Directed Evolution of Interspecific Yeast Hybrids for Improved Biomass Conversion, in preparation 2009.

Updated October 2009