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Scalable and Flat Controls for Reliable Power Grid Operation with High Renewable Penetration

Start Date: June 2010


Kevin Tomsovic, University of Tennessee-Knoxville; Thomas Overbye, University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign; Aleksandar Stankovic, Northeastern University; Joe Chow, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Annual Reports


  • Variani, M. H. and K. Tomsovic. “Flatness-Based Automatic Generation Control with High Penetration of Wind Energy”, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems (to be submitted, 2012).
  • Xu, Y., F. Li, and K. Tomsovic. “Adaptive Control Approach for STATCOM to Enhance Voltage Stability,” submitted to IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery.
  • Emami, R. and A. Abur. “External System Line Outage Identification Using Phasor Measurement Units.” IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, PP, no 99 (2012).
  • Korkali, M. and A. Abur. “Optimal Deployment of Wide-Area Synchronized Measurements for Fault-Location Observability.” IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, PP, no 99 (2012).
  • Liu, G. and K. Tomsovic, “Quantifying System Reserve for Uniform System Reliability Considering Wind Power,” IEEE Transactions on Power Systems: Special Issue on Adequacy in Power Systems with Intermittent Source (submitted, 2012).

Updated January 2013