GISSIG Lunch Meeting Feb 19: Measuring spatial segregation

Prof. Sean F. Reardon,  Associate Professor of Education and (by courtesy) Sociology

“Measuring spatial segregation: residential patterns in the U.S.”

The talk will briefly describe a set of methods of measuring spatial segregation, including an ArcGIS tool, developed by Prof. Reardon and his colleagues, to implement these methods. The methods will be illustrated using data on residential racial and income segregation patterns in the U.S.

Sean Reardon is Faculty at the School of Education at Stanford. His research focuses on the causes and consequences of social and educational inequality. In particular, he studies the causes and consequences of residential and school segregation and the sources of racial/ethnic achievement gaps. In addition, he is interested in methods of measurement and causal inference in educational and social science research.

When: Friday 2/19/2010 12 noon
Where: Anthropology Department, Building 50, Room 51A

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