GISSIG Talk May 6: Visualizing the Growth of America’s Newspapers

“Black and White and Read All Over: Visualizing the Growth of America’s Newspapers”
Knight Journalism Fellows Krissy Clark and Geoff McGhee worked with Stanford’s Lane Center for the American West to create an interactive map of every newspaper published in America from 1609 to today. They will talk about the lessons they learned– about GIS, the challenges of data gathering and cleaning, designing interactive visualizations–and perhaps most of all, the foundational role played by a raucous and quintessentially American industry: the press.
Krissy Clark is contributing producer for American RadioWorks, American Public Media, San Francisco. During her fellowship at Stanford Krissy focuses on geographically aware journalism, especially by creating and sharing tools that journalists can use to harness geospatial mapping technology to provide a greater sense of place. Geoff McGhee is multimedia editor for Le Monde Interactif in Paris, France.  During his fellowship at Stanford Geoff researches and develops data visualization tools for online journalists.
WHEN: Thursday May 6, 2010 at 2pm
WHERE: Anthropology Department, Building 50, Room 51A (Main Quad)

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