GISSIG Meeting Dec. 9: Complexity, Uncertainty and Ambiguity in Digital History

Jeanette Zerneke, Technical Director for the Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative:

“(ECAI)Early California Cultural Atlas: Complexity, Uncertainty, and Ambiguity
 in Digital History”

The Early California Cultural Atlas (ECCA) is a collaborative research project led by Professor Steven Hackel at UC Riverside in collaboration with Jeanette Zerneke of ECAI. ECCA is developing a digital atlas of historical data related to the colonization and settlement of early California. European settlement in North America and the establishment of missions to Indians initiated dramatic demographic, environmental, religious, and social change. In the first phase of the project we constructed a website of historical change in the region of Monterey, California. Embedded Google Earth visualizations show changes by year and allow the user to interact with the data layers and time bar. The project has chosen to intentionally address ambiguity, developed an ambiguity characterization methodology, and experimented with methods to visualize characteristic land use patterns. In the process, we encountered significant new historical questions.

ECCA integrates multiple types of data such as: California Mission records from the Early California Population Project based at the Huntington Library in Pasadena; Historical maps from the Library of Congress and David Rumsey Collection; and Hand drawn maps, images, and texts from the Online Archive of California. For further information see:

Jeanette Zerneke is the Technical Director for the Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI). In that role Jeanette works with a diverse groups of technology experts to develop tools and methodologies that support ECAI’s mission. ECAI is a global collaboration among humanities scholars, librarians, cultural heritage managers, and information technology researchers. ECAI’s mission is to enhance scholarship by promoting greater attention to time and place. Jeanette’s work involves developing infrastructure, programs, methodologies, working groups, and training workshops to support ECAI affiliates in project development and integration. Jeanette works directly with project teams to develop web sites and ePublications highlighting the growing use of new technologies to present cultural information in innovative ways.

Previously the Director of Information Systems and Services of the International and Area Studies, UC Berkeley, Jeanette provided leadership in administrative systems, database, and WEB system development and management of computer support services. She has had more than thirty years experience as a programmer, information systems developer, and manager of computing services.

WHEN: Thursday, December 9, 1 p.m. – 2 p.m.
WHERE: Stanford Humanities Center, Baker Room

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