Lunch Meeting

Thursday April 3, 12 noon
Stanford Humanities Center, Baker Room
Lunch will be provided.

Claudia Engel
Academic Technology Specialist and Lecturer – Department of Anthropology

“Open Source GIS for Anthropological Research”
Open source software tools for GIS and spatial analysis are increasingly being adopted by the research community. This presentation will provide an overview of such tools currently available and provide examples from anthropological research.

Tools mentioned in this presentation.

Matt Jockers
Academic Technology Specialist and Consulting Assistant Professor – Department of English
“Mapping Literature with Google Earth”
In literary studies researchers typically focus on the “close-reading” of individual texts. By linking texts to geographic information, however, we open up a whole new realm of analysis, a macroanalytic realm where “close” is replaced by “distant.” In his talk Matt explores how he utilized Google Earth to debunk several critical misconceptions about the evolution and history of Irish-American literature.

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