Tools and Methods for the Digital Historian

The AHRC Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Methods Network has created a forum, Tools and Methods for the Digital Historian, for open discussions related to digital history. The Methods Network is sponsored by the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council. Quoting from their Web site, the aims of the Network are twofold:

  • To promote, support and develop the use of advanced ICT methods in arts and humanities research and to support the cross-disciplinary network of practitioners from institutions around the UK.
  • To develop a programme of activites and publications on advanced ICT tools and methods and to ensure the broadest participation of the community by means of an open call for proposals for Methods Network activities.

Torsten Reimer, the Senior Project Coordinator, is requesting comments on a working paper by Neil Grindley entitled “Tools and Methods for Historical Research,” which they hope will become the basis of a community resource. The paper contains sections on Tools and Web Resources; Geographic Information Systems; Database Structures; Data Mining; Quantitative Methods; and Visualization.

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