Ruth’s recommendations

Thanks to Ruth, Paul, and Ian for their interesting GIS talks yesterday. Ruth included a number of interesting references in her talk. Want to follow up on them?

“Learning to Think Spatially” by the National Research Council. The book was released to help educators integrate geographic information science into primary (K-12) schools. It’s held at the Education Library and electronically through Ebrary.

Anne Knowles edited a special issue of Social Science History entitled, “Historical GIS: The Spatial Turn in Social Science History.” The journal is held at Green Library and is available electronically through Project Muse. Included is an article by presenter Ian Gregory, “Longitudinal Analysis of Age- and Gender-Specific Migration Patterns in England and Wales: A GIS-Based Approach.”

Ian Gregory’s book, “A Place in History: a Guide to Using GIS in Historical Research,” is held at Green Library and is also available online.

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