Powder x-ray diffraction analysis

X'Pert HighScore highlights comprise:

Search-match algorithm working on profile data and/or peak data, including automatic residue search and automatic phase identification, greatly improving phase analysis.

Integrated interface and fast retrieval software for the ICDD PDF4 relational reference database.

The multiple document application displays any number of scans and supports the direct exchange of data between documents.

Possibility to store the complete desktop and recall it for later use. Make your own dedicated user interfaces for special tasks or different users.

X'Pert HighScore Plus offers you additionally:

Qualitative and quantitative Rietveld analysis.

Le Bail fit and the support of hkl files.

Size-strain analysis for three important profile functions.

Determination of the amorphous content.

Linking structure information to reference phases and starting a Rietveld refinement directly after phase identification.

An integrated crystal structure plot.

RoboRiet, a stand-alone automation interface for Rietveld analysis in a production environment, where operators cannot interfere with.

A scripting language to realize special reports, constraints and new functions.


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Powder x-ray diffraction pattern of Ca2Cu(OCl)2.