Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study for the Stanford Green Dorm was commissioned to determine the scope and budget for an innovative, sustainable dorm and research building proposed for the Stanford campus. This project is unique in many ways: this is a housing project spearheaded by the School of Engineering; this is an engineering lab within a 47-unit student dorm; but most of all, this is a Living Laboratory for ongoing research and education on sustainable engineering and student living.

The impacts of the groundbreaking vision outlined in this report would be felt near and far in the worlds of engineering, architecture, and student housing. These impacts would extend over time as students and faculty continually monitor and modify the building, improving on its environmental performance while expanding building knowledge. The School of Engineering’s committment to sustainability could find no better ambassador than the Green Dorm project.

During the Feasibility Study, the project goals coalesced into four primary categories:
    1] A Living Laboratory for Research
    2] Measurable Environmental Performance
    3] The Most Desirable Housing on Campus
    4) Economic Sustainability

This report details these goals for the project and documents the investigations to determine the appropriate program, site, building configuration and estimated cost for execution of this pioneering vision.

The feasibility study is available for download in two formats, one preferable for screen and one for print.
The print version is deisgned for double-sided printing on 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

Version For Print


Version For Screen


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