David Geeter, Earth Systems, Class of 2011

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Enroll in CEE124/224a: Sustainable Development Studio

WHEN: Tuesdays, 7-8pm.
WHERE: Y2E2 Building, Room 270 Map

(2nd Fl. Glass Room overlooking the Yellow Atrium)

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Goals for the Stanford
Green Dorm

Most desirable housing on campus

  • Indoor environmental quality: 100% daylight, fresh air, and green
  • Guiltless hot showers and cold beer

Living laboratory

  • Experiencing the experiment: metering, monitoring, display, and documentation
  • Flexibility for testing sustainable building technologies

Measurable Environmental Performance

  • Addressing global warming by building a net zero carbon building
  • Phased development of a water system to close the water cycle

Economic Sustainability

  • Consideration of social and environmental costs in addition to financial cost
  • Examining the lifecycle impacts for all resources used

P3 Grant Winners!

U.S. EPA awards $75,000 to Lotus Lab researchers in second annual People, Prosperity and the Planet student design competition. Read More…


Green Globes Award

Green Building Initiative recognizes the Stanford Green Dorm as the "Most Innovative Sustainable Commercial Design Project" with $1000 Award.

Feasibility Study

Released in late March 2006, this revealing in-depth study is a major step in developing the Stanford Green Dorm. Read More…

Living Lab Research

Student and faculty research projects for the green dorm. Read More…

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