CEE 124/224 – Sustainable Development Studio
CEE 124/224 is the main forum for student involvement with the green dorm project. The purpose of the class is two fold: first, to involve students in the design process of the green dorm by providing input for the living lab program and architectural and building systems designs, and second, to provide a structure for student research that will contribute to green dorm development and operation. Student research is coupled with faculty interests and faculty sponsors are required for all research projects for which students receive unit credit. Participation in the class entails both a midterm and final presentation of research to student, faculty and design professional audience. Student input to the design process has included comment on issues central to student life, such as hallway and room configurations and first floor programming layout, and clarification of user behavior, such as identifying student shower time-use profiles. The class also organizes field trips to tour nearby sustainable buildings and to consult with other university students about sustainable system and responsible user education programs.

Roosevelt Institution: Center on the Environment and Energy
Fellows from the Roosevelt Institution are collaborating with the Lotus Living Laboratory to develop policy recommendations regarding technology currently banned by regulators. The current focus is on water treatment: policy areas include energy recovery from blackwater, rainwater collection, and greywater reuse.

Students for a Sustainable Stanford

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