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Below you'll find current student research for the Living Laboratory. For more information on how to get involved, visit the participate page.

Design Innovation / Aesthetics

Daylit Hallways (Engin Ayaz, Charlie Davis, Devin Flaherty)
This research project has focused on developing a novel architectural scheme for the hallways of the Green Dorm. Using carefully engineered skylights and cutouts on the floor, we designed a delightful space that simultaneously saves energy, increases student productivity and improves the air quality. Throughout our design process, we have incorporated daylighting, energy and computational fluid dynamics analyses, using IES Virtual Environment as our primary software tool.  

Drops – Outdoor Water Sculpture (Alex Ko)
The potential energy of rainwater can be used to create a temporal sculpture piece that improves occupant understanding of building and natural water cycle adds beauty to the site. The rainwater is accented by lighting at night, forming interesting and intimate public spaces.
Living Light Fixtures (Mike Lin)
The Living Lights project seeks to create a low power lighting system that provides safer dim night lighting for restrooms. The project illustrates in form the relationship between organisms and their environment and invokes observers to consider the interaction between light, water and air.
Waterwall Rooms and Recyclable Furniture (Alex Ko)
The Waterwall rooms project explores the use of water-walls to define paths and doorways in outdoor space. The recyclable furniture project explores the potential of living-hinge/translucency characteristics of recycled high-density polyethylene in furniture applications.

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