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Process Modeling (Engin Ayaz)
My research project this quarter has focused on how to visualize the decision making process for the Green Dorm Project most effectively. In particular, using the Multi-Attribute Collaborative Decision Analysis as the theoretical background, I have focused on the visualization of project goals, options and analyses at various levels of detail. The essential motivation for this research was to bring all the stakeholders to the same page with intuitive charts. The ultimate goal in this field of research is to come up with a formal methodology, which will allow us to effectively manage all the design decisions regarding the Green Dorm Project.  

Project Evaluation (Lauren Dietrich)
How do we work together? What tools help us to communicate with one another? Integrate the information we discover and the designs we create? Optimize the space we develop? This research is beginning to ask such questions through: research into existing online collaboration tools; appropriation of tools developed for other or more general purpose; and development of new design process and decision making tools. Present methods include literature review, project exploration, and development of a requirements framework and evalutation format for design and decision-making tools.

Design and Construction Process (John Haymaker)
Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) projects require multidisciplinary solutions, yet AEC professionals lack formal methodologies to manage and communicate information and processes among multiple disciplines. The purpose of this research is to define and test formal methodologies that help teams manage and communicate relationships and processes between multidisciplinary design and construction information. This research designs and tests POP, Narrative, Decision Dashboard, and MACDADI methodologies with the Green Dorm as a case study.

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