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Welcome to the online presence of the Venture Capital Club at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

The Venture Capital Club is one of the largest and most popular student organizations at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. The club members typically include over half of the business school student body. The club sponsors a variety of group events with venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, including small group dinners, speaker series, workshops and social events. Club members range from those with previous VC experience all the way to those who are unfamiliar with the industry, but interested in understanding what makes Silicon Valley entrepreneurship and VC community tick.

The Venture Capital Club’s mission is to facilitate:

Help club members learn about the venture capital industry and the fundraising and investment process through interaction with industry experts and experienced fellow students.
Create opportunities for students to meet fellow business school students with common interests, Stanford students outside the business school, and members of the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial and venture capital community.
Help club members interested in summer or full-time opportunities in venture capital to find jobs through: student projects, a resume book (only club members can participate!), job opportunities that come through the club, and web-based resources about the VC industry.

This site aspires to grow into an comprehensive online tool for the venture capital community at the business school. Please send your suggestions and comments to Manish Chapekar or Jeb Morrison.




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