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Planning an Event with GSPB

"Bringing Together Stanford's Graduate Community"

GSPB Meetings
Tuesday 12:30 pm - 1:30pm
Arrillaga Family Dining Commons
Downstairs in the Study Room

Lunch included!

Help Us Help You!!!
Get Involved with the GSPB!!!

Have a fun event idea? Want to bring some of your favorite Stanford friends with you? Then, come to one of our meetings and propose your events.
During the meeting, you will be asked the following questions:
1. What is the name of the event?
2. When and where is it?
3. How many people are going?
4. If it is off campus, how are you getting to the event? (carpool, public transportation, ...)
5. How much does it cost? You only need to provide a rough budget. Our default limit is at $300 to $400.
6. Are you receiving funding from other organizations? If so, how much?
7. How will the event be publicized?
8. How will it benefit the graduate community? (interdepartmental intereaction, ...)
9. Is this for a student group? We cannot fund student groups.

Event Planning Guide

The lottery event guide explains the 9 easy steps to organizing lottery events. The event planning guide provides more detailed information on organizing events. These documents have not been finalized. For comments, suggestions and corrections, please email the co-chairs.

If you would like a list of popular ideas to get you started, we have one here.

The previous version of the GSPB handbook is located here.

To be reimbursed for an expense, you must fill out a reimbursement form. Turn in the form and a list of attendees to Marcela. Her office is located on the 2nd floor of the Graduate Community Center, 750 Escondido. You will not be reimbursed until a list of attendees is turned in.

Special notes to members of other groups serving grad students:

We would like to work together with you plan a coherent and robust calendar of events this year. We can put you on our mailing list so you'll know what we're doing.

If you have an event in mind that would work well if it were publicized to all graduate students, please contact us! These events don't need to be huge or complicated, and we'll provide all the resources we can to make it a pleasant and rewarding experience for you.

If there is a GSPB event that you'd like to repeat for your neighborhood, we'd be happy to share any planning information, equipment, etc. associated with that event.

If you find anyone who expresses any concern for the graduate social scene, or otherwise seems like a good match for the GSPB, please refer them to us! We need help!

You can reserve the GSC sound system, projector and karaoke machine through the GSC website.