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Banner image from 2012 lab camping trip
Luke and Melissa at graduation

Congratulations to Luke Frishkoff and Melissa Kemp, who received their Ph.D.s at commencement after successfully defending earlier this quarter! They will be starting post-doctoral fellowships at the University of Toronto and Harvard University, respectively, in the fall. Also a big congratulations to Mindy, Laura, and Analisa, senior honors theses writers in the lab, on their graduation! (See more photos...)

End Game

Congratulations to Liz on the publication of her new book, End Game: Tipping Point for Planet Earth?, with co-author Dr. Tony Barnosky! (Read more...)

Luke Science figure

Evolutionarily distinct birds are extirpated most rapidly from agriculture, while younger species benefit. Nevertheless not all agriculture is created equal... (Read the article in Science and the corresponding Stanford News Report).

California storymap

A group of Stanford undergraduates, led by Liz, Alexis, and Melissa, have released their Story Map, which depicts the human dimensions of environmental change in California. The Story Map has also been highlighted by the Office of Governor Jerry Brown... (...read more...)

Liz and Hannah awarded Environmental Venture Project

The Woods Institute for the Environment has awarded an Environmental Venture Project seed grant to Liz and Hannah on their project to examine zoonotic disease risks and immunological adaptations in bats... (Read more)

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