Preprints and Reprints


Working Papers
“Assessing the External Validity of Election RD Estimates: An Investigation of the Incumbency Advantage” (with A. Hall and J. Snyder). February 2014.
“Does Lean Capability Building Improve Labor Standards? Evidence from the Nike Supply Chain”(with G. Distelhorst and R. Locke). October 2013.
“On the Validity of the Regression Discontinuity Design for Estimating Electoral Effects: New Evidence from Over 40,000 Close Races” (with A. Eggers, O. Folke, A. Fowler, A. Hall, and J. Snyder). May 2013.
“krls: A Stata Package for Kernel-Based Regularized Least Squares” (with J. Ferwerda and C. Hazlett). Sept 2013.
“Studying Public Opinion on Multidimensional Policies: The Case of the Eurozone Bailouts” (with M. Bechtel and Y. Margalit). October 2012.
“The Hidden American Immigration Consensus: A Conjoint Analysis of Attitudes Toward Immigrants” (with D. Hopkins). October 2013.
Link to: Online appendix
Media Coverage: Washington Post
“The Socially Conscious Consumer? Field Experimental Tests of Consumer Support for Fair Labor Standards”(with M. Hiscox). May 2012.
Media Coverage: New York Times Boston Review 
“Buying Green? Field Experimental Tests of Consumer Support for Environmentalism(with M. Hiscox). May 2012.
Media coverage: Boston Review
“Does Direct Democracy Hurt Immigrant Minorities? Evidence from Naturalization Decisions in Switzerland” (with D. Hangartner). January 2013
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“Do Lower Caseloads Improve the Effectiveness of Active Labor Market Policies? New Evidence from German Employment Offices” (with B. Hofmann, G. Krug, and K. Wolf). Sept 2011.
“Do Concerns about Labour Market Competition Shape Attitudes Toward Immigration? New Evidence from U.S. Workers” (with M. Hiscox and Y. Margalit). Sept 2011.
Published Articles
“Consumer Demand for the Fair Trade Label: Evidence from a Field Experiment” (with M. Hiscox and S. Sequeira). Review of Economics and Statistics(Forthcoming 2014).
Media Coverage:Wall Street JournalBloomberg,Boston ReviewMonkey CageNew Yorker
Political Capital: Corporate Connections and Stock Investments in the U.S. Congress, 2004-2008″ (with A. Eggers). Quarterly Journal of Political Science (Forthcoming 2014).
“Comparative Politics and the Synthetic Control Method” (with A. Abadie and A. Diamond).American Journal of Political Science (Forthcoming 2014)
“Causal Inference in Conjoint Analysis: Understanding Multi-Dimensional Choices via Stated Preference Experiments” (with D. Hopkins and T. Yamamoto).Political Analysis (Forthcoming, 2014).
Link to: Example Scripts to Estimate AMCE from Conjoint Data
“Kernel Regularized Least Squares: Reducing Misspecification Bias with a Flexible and Interpretable Machine Learning Approach” (with C. Hazlett). Political Analysis (Forthcoming, 2014).
Companion Software
Online Appendix
“Public Attitudes toward Immigration” (with D. Hopkins).  Annual Review of Political Science(volume 17, forthcoming 2014).
“Preferences for International Redistribution: The Divide Over the Eurozone Bailouts”(with M. Bechtel and Y. Margalit). American Journal of Political Science (Forthcoming 2014).
Media Coverage: New York Times
“Capitol Losses: The Mediocre Performance of Congressional Stock Portfolios, 2004-2008”(with A. Eggers). Journal of Politics (2013).
Web Appendix
Media Coverage: Bloomberg, Wall Street JournalBarronsThe AtlanticUS TodayBoston GlobeABC NewsYahoo FinanceThe HillWashington PostNew York Times
“Who Gets a Swiss Passport? A Natural Experiment in Immigrant Discrimination” (with D. Hangartner). American Political Science Review (2013).
Web Appendix
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“ebalance: A Stata Package for Entropy Balancing” (with Y. Xu). Journal of Statistical Software(2013).
Companion Software
“Entropy Balancing: A Multivariate Reweighting Method to Produce Balanced Samples in Observational Studies.” Political Analysis (2012)
Web Appendix
Companion Software
“How Lasting is Voter Gratitude? An Analysis of the Short- and Long-term Electoral Returns to Beneficial Policy” (with M. Bechtel). American Journal of Political Science (2011).
Supporting Information Appendix
Replication Archive
Media Coverage: Die ZeitNeue Zuericher Zeitung
“Attitudes Towards Highly Skilled and Low Skilled Immigration: Evidence from a Survey Experiment” (with M. Hiscox). American Political Science Review (2010).
Web Appendix: Formal Derivation of Theoretical Predictions.
Media Coverage: New York TimesDer Spiegel
Synth: An R Package for Synthetic Control Methods in Comparative Case Studies” (with A. Abadie and A. Diamond). Journal of Statistical Software (2011).
MPs for Sale?  Estimating Returns to Office in Post-War British Politics” (with A. Eggers).American Political Science Review (2009).
Media Coverage: GuardianThe Independent
Synthetic Control Methods for Comparative Case Studies: Estimating the Effect of California’s Tobacco Control Program” (with A. Abadie and A. Diamond). Journal of the American Statistical Association (2009).
Amstat News Article
Opium for the Masses: How Foreign Free Media Can Stabilize Authoritarian Regimes” (with H. Kern). Political Analysis (2009). Web Supplement
Media Coverage: New York Times
Incumbency as a Source of Spillover Effects in Mixed Electoral Systems: Evidence from a Regression-Discontinuity Design” (with H. Kern). Electoral Studies (2008).
Web Supplement
Educated Preferences: Explaining Individual Attitudes Toward Immigration in Europe” (with M. Hiscox). International Organization (2007).
   Appendix: PDF (Contains our formal discussion of open-economy models of immigration)
Robustness Supplement I: PDF (Analysis of Immigrant Skill Data)
Robustness Supplement II: PDF (Results of Robustness Checks)
Robustness Supplement III: PDF (Results with Recoded Dependent Variables)
Replication Archive: Zip (Code and Data to replicate tables from paper and supplements (9.2 MB))
Learning to Love Globalization: The Effects of Education on Individual Attitudes Toward International Trade” (with M. Hiscox). International Organization (2006)
    Robustness Supplement I: PDF (Results for Robustness Checks and Additional Surveys)
Robustness Supplement II: PDF (Analysis of economic literacy vs. tolerance)
Replication Archive: Zip (Code and Data to replicate tables from paper and supplements (23.8MB))
Electoral Balancing, Divided Government, and Midterm Loss in German State Elections” (with H. Kern). Journal of Legislative Studies (2006)
    Replication Archive: Zip (217 KB Contains Code and Data to replicate all tables in paper)