Heilshorn Biomaterials Group

The Heilshorn group designs materials that mimic the nano- and micro-scale order found in nature for applications in regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, and energy.


Our laboratory is a team of undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral researchers advised by Prof. Sarah Heilshorn. Our group members come from many departments across campus including Materials Science, Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, MD/PhD, and Mechanical Engineering. Check out the list of honors and awards our group members have received.

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WHAT WE DO (video)



  • Chris Madl had a manuscript accepted to the journal Bioconjugate Chemistry.
  • The Heilshorn lab welcomes Alexis Seymour and Alex Berry (again!) as rotation students!


  • Shamik Mascharak, Patrick Benitez, Amy Proctor, Chris Madl, and Ruby Dewi had a manuscript accepted to the journal Biomaterials.
  • Abbygail Foster and Laura Marquardt had a manuscript accepted to the journal Current Opinions in Chemical Engineering.
  • The Heilshorn lab celebrated the holidays with a party and a thrilling Yankee Swap!
  • Saba Atefyekta is visiting the Heilshorn lab from Martin Andersson's lab at Chalmers University in Sweden. Saba will be exploring in vitro culture of osteogenic cells on antimicrobial peptide containing surfaces. Welcome, Saba!
  • Nick Suhar passed his qualifying exams and advanced his PhD candidacy!

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