Heilshorn Written Update Schedule

Materials Science & Engineering Department
Stanford University

All full-time group members (including rotation students and undergraduate researchers) are required to send a written progress report every two weeks. They must be received before 9 pm the day they are due. Word, Powerpoint, etc. are acceptable to use in preparing updates, but send the final document as a PDF.

Summer quarter dates:

           July 6 & 20, August 3, 17, & 31, September 14, & 21

Research updates must include:

     A. Your list of priorities for the past two weeks and an explanation if these have changed from your previous update

     B. Your experimental results for the past two weeks
    • Data should preferably be presented in analyzed figure format. 
    • Explain how results match or differ from your goals in A and how they fit into the plan for your next manuscript.
    • Abstracts to be submitted, draft manuscript text, etc. may also be included in this section.
     C. Your outline of figures for your next one (or two) manuscript(s) with current progress and timeline of expected goals

     D. Your list of specific priorities and experiments for the next two weeks

In each section, please include questions and list areas where you would like additional feedback. If you prefer to meet in person to go over your update, let Prof. Heilshorn know, and a time can be arranged.

Updated 7/2/12