Heilshorn Biomaterials Group

Materials Science & Engineering Department
Stanford University

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Arunagirinathan Manickam Adhimoolam

email: agnathan AT stanford DOT edu

Dept: Materials Science & Engineering

Ph.D.  Chemical Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

M.Sc. Applied Chemistry,
Anna University

B.Sc. Chemistry,
Pachaiyappa College, University of Madras

Nucleation and growth of inorganic nanomaterials having well defined shapes is of wide interest for biomaterial and energy applications. The use of three-dimensional protein assemblies as templates with localized nucleation sites is a promising approach to obtaining exquisite nanomaterials. In this context, we are exploring three-dimensional, multifaceted clathrin cages bound with engineered peptides as nanoreactor templates to nucleate nanoparticles of noble metals and metal oxides. In depth characterization of these templates and the resulting nanomaterials are performed using cryo electron microscopy, XRD, and scattering and spectroscopy tools.

Materials Science & Engineering DepartmentStanford University

Updated 9/11